• We help teams create Physically & Psychologically Safe Workplaces
    so that teams Can THRIVE

    • Self-service platform to create your own gamified microlearning and micropractices journey
    • Extensive curated library of microlearning and micropractices for 21st century skill building. Examples: Situational awareness/mindfulness/focus training, Resilience and Emotional Intelligence
    • Real-time, multi-leaderboards rewarding learner ongoing participation
    • Mobile web responsive (no downloads!)
    • Seamless integration with native apps (e.g. event apps and Virtual Reality content)

  • Features

    We care about awesome features to get the job done.

    Fun & Engaging

    Real-time feedback for learner participation!

    Get points for every learner activity - quiz, poll, read, watch videos, reflect etc. The more your participate, the more points you earn, the higher you climb up the leaderboards to win prizes set by your company!



    Reward your learners for their participation

    Earn points and climb up the various leaderboards for:

    • Learning - watching short videos or reading blogs
    • Doing - practising by uploading images/videos (e.g. reflection exercises) or typing in text answers
    • Checking in - doing quizzes and polls which measures your knowledge, and collects your opinions
    We also offer as part of our on-boarding exercises how to re-imagine and align individual and team rewards to your leaderboards.

    21st century Skills & Delivery Mode

    Mindfulness/Focus + EQ

    The World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report 2017 identified Emotional Intelligence as one of the two key skills we do not currently train for that is needed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. They also late identified made several recommendations which has been reflected in our approach:

    1. Modular learning programs that allow for rapid reskilling as skill demand evolves

    2. Microactivities to support a learning enabling corporate culture that rewards individual innovation and learning

    3. Microactivities that create direct opportunities for knowledge-sharing and intergenerational learning within the workplace.

    4. Virtual and augmented reality for scalable transfer - we are the only microlearning platform that seamlessly integrates with any VR content.

  • Enabling learners before, during & after workshops & conferences

    We help motivate learners to PRACTICE so that they can more quickly embed their skills.

  • Testimonials

    What some of our customers and users say

    F. Waterford

    Corporate Trainer

     "It made our final event fun and engaging, and gave us some solid feedback to action.  I will certainly use it again."

     ASK Training Consultancy

    A. Bryant

    Leadership Trainer

    "Play2Lead software is an excellent tool to 'gamify' the learning experience. I recently want to use the software for a project with a client and Theresa 'held my hand' the whole way. Her passion, knowledge and commitment ensures that the client gets just what they need."

    Leadership Speaker & Executive Coach


    S. Lucas

    Audience Member

    Great session with @Play2Lead interactive, entertaining and interesting. #digfestival

  • Case Studies & Use Cases



    Mental & Emotional Intelligence

    Bite-sized activities to learn and practice how to reframe, be more self-compassionate, mindful breathing, gratitude etc.

    Product Knowledge Training

    Engage & Measure Learning of Your Field Force!

    It can be quite expensive to bring together your sales force and channel partners to teach them about your latest products and solutions. So why not make it fun, leverage their natural competitive spirit and measure the uplift in product knowledge? You can even start measuring

    what your sales force know before your face-to-face training, as well as compare the knowledge levels of those that attended your face-to-face training with those that didn't or were relying on e-learning (which probably has low take-up rates). You can then focus your attention to the sales people that need the training most. Companies like Samsung have used our platform repeatedly to engage and measure learning for their field force.


    Safety/Compliance Training

    Making BORING training FUN!!

    Boring compliance training is typically DEATH by Powerpoint. You can keep your participants awake by injecting pop quizzes throughout the session and rewarding them with prizes as they climb up the leaderboard. We also have Virtual Reality immersive training for Construction Site Safety and Warehouse Safety - Hazard Identification - fully integrated to our gamified mobile microlearning platform.


    Beyond Unconscious Bias Training

    Bite-sized learning and practice activities to build your skills on mindfulness, empathy and compassion.

    Leadership & Strategy Sessions

    Measure Buy-In & Get Real-time Feedback!

    Bringing your leadership team to get their buy-in on your strategy? Don't just TALK TO them about your strategy! Measure what they understand and motivate them to give real-time feedback (which can of course be anonymous)! Join companies likes Luxoticca and an Asian telco that has used Play2Lead at their leadership sessions.


    Oh...and talk to us also if you want to create a Virtual Reality content piece that helps your team immerse themselves in the future you are painting, not just imagine whilst you are showing videos/powerpoint. We can integrate the VR content engagement with our gamified learning platform.


    Values-Based On-boarding/ Orientation Training

    Keep your new employees excited & aligned (NOT bored)!

    Mix up your on-boarding training with quick pop quizzes so that your new employees stay engaged during on-boarding training (which can feel like information overload)!


    And if you really want to shake things up, we have partners that can help you create a Virtual Reality content that will help your potential and new employees experience specific functions and geographies across your company. You won't need to have representatives from the different departments talk to the new recruits. Your new recruits can more easily connect with each other as they participate answering pop quizzes and polls during the training. More importantly, you can arm their team leader or manager with what the new recruit doesn't know so that they can bridge the knowledge gap quickly.


  • Who's talking about us

    Winner of in.LAB Innovation Challenge 2016

    Shortlisted for 4 categories including Best Gamified App

    Top 10 Most Innovative Event Tech Global Startup (2015)

    Winner of Mumbrella360 CrocPit 2015 

    Finalist in Seedstars Australia 2015

    Sydstart 2014 Highly Commended Finalist

    Featured in TechCrunch 

    Disrupt Hackathon 2013

    2018 Cohort

  • We're Hiring

    We're always on the lookout for passionate, entrepreneurial, balanced team players. If you are a software engineer, and our values below resonate with you, contact us - theresa@play2lead.co!


    Our stack consists of Javascript, React, NodeJS, PostSQL. Our main focus is on building a dynamic web platform for users on both desktop and mobile devices. At the right time, we will be building in machine learning and data analytics/visualization into our platform.

    What we are looking for

    Passionate Engineers.

    Your ability in learning new technologies is way more important for us than years of experience with specific tech. However, as we are looking for core team members at this moment we are only considering candidates who can kick ass with tech not just play with it in free time. You will be working on our new system (Javascript/React/NodeJS/MongoDB) and maintaining old version (RubyOnRails + Angular) until the new system is out of beta.


    If you’re attracted to startups because you think you’ll cash out big soon, don’t bother applying. We want only passionate technologists who are truly out to better humanity. Our vision is to transform how employees learn so that learning is fun, measurable and impactful. Don’t bother applying if you don’t like working with corporate customers, or you don’t have a growth mindset. You actually care that what you are building solves the customers’ points, and you can empathise with them.

    Fail Fast, but smart

    You take calculated risks and take responsibility when you make mistakes, and are comfortable failing fast and learning quickly from them. You must have a stomach for taking risks, which in a startup world, includes the uncomfortable feeling of doing something just to keep the lights on, but being mindful of the choice we made, and still having the focus on the overall vision.




    We are looking for self-driven individuals who can plan their day and deliver on time with no reminders and nudging. You are comfortable with making decisions and balance what data you can get, speed required for the decision as well as your gut. You take responsibility for finding the balance you will need to sustain the rollercoaster journey that is the startup life.

    Play, As a Team

    OK, I borrowed this one from Atlassian. As the CEO & Founder, I can be intense about delivering great products. But I also deeply care about people and relationships I build. I want my team to help me build the culture that reflects what we are building – I want us to always have FUN doing what we do, just as I want our customers to have fun learning. Whether you end up being the Lead Developer, the CTO or one of our talented engineers contributing to the team, you take pride in your work and sharing what you’re learning with your team. You also want to contribute to building the team culture and are always on the lookout for talent that may one day join our team.

    Be the change you seek

    This one from Gandhi…which Atlassian borrowed;) Don’t bother applying if you’re the person who after a meeting wants someone to take notes and spoonfeeds you, or you’re the person that when something goes wrong, looks first at blaming others before looking at themselves for what you could have done differently. If you are the person who typically asks when you don’t understand something, then you might just be the right person for us. Are you the type of person when if you see something that doesn’t work, you have the courage and resourcefulness to make the change that you think is required?

  • Contact Us!

    U.S.: 1(415) 871 0756 Australia: +612 8091 3070 Singapore: +65 9161 6288


    Singapore HQ: Play2Lead Pte Ltd.,

    33 Ubi Avenue 3 #08-34 Tower B Vertex

    Singapore 408868